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MilitaryRP | Rules
MilitaryRP Rules
These rules are subject to change at any point in time, please make sure to check the rules to stay out of trouble.
Last rule update: 12 / 12 / 2019, 9:26 PM

Section 1 - Frequently Asked Questions
Section 2 - General Rules
Section 3 - Branches/Divisions
Section 4 - US Rules Of Engagement
Section 5 - ISF Rules Of Engagement
Section 6 - ISF & US Base Rules
Section 7 - Base Codes
Section 8 - FearRP Rules
Section 9 - Capture Points
Section 10 - Fire Fight and Peace Time
Section 11 - Raiding/Terror Rules
Section 12 - Hostage Rules
Section 13 - Civilian Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I assist a terror?

A: No

Q: If a helicopter is flying above a capture point does that count as capturing?

A: Absolutely not, You can only capture points if you're on the ground. 

Q: Can Al-Qaeda kamikaze U.S helicopters that are not over the U.S base?

A: Yes, Al-Qaeda can kamikaze all U.S personnel that is not inside/over the U.S base.

General Rules:

  1. Do not RDM; Killing someone without proper RP reasoning.
  2. Do not CDM/VDM; Running a person(s) over with a vehicle.
  3. Do not break NLR, in terms of what you knew in your previous life.
  4. You should always have a realistic Serious RP name.
  5. Be respectful to everyone.
  6. Do not make any racist, sexist, or discriminating remarks.
  7. Do not FailRP.
  8. Do not mic/text spam. (Racial Slurs, Soundboards, Music, Loud Noises, Screaming, "Ear Rape")
  9. Do not meta-game. (Using third-party resources to know information)
  10. Do not glitch, hack, map exploit, etc. Any exploits of any kind are not tolerated.
  11. Do not threaten anyone with any form of hacking, DDoS or dox-ing, etc.
  12. Do not team kill (TK).
  13. Brainwashing/Rouge/Converting is not allowed, this is considered FailRP.
  14. Standing/sitting on someone's head is not allowed, considered FailRP | Boosting, however, is allowed.
  15. Do not use the gate to boost/glitch out vehicles. This is a type of prop push and also CDM.
  16. You're not allowed to Bhop in combat.
  17. You may not use any weapons you don't spawn with | This rule applies to US and ISF, NOT CIVILIANS.
  18. MP may not arrest you for a invalid RP reason, this is considered RDA.
  19. If you are getting shot at, you MUST be in cover in order to revive a fellow soldier.
  20. Purposely jumping into helicopter blades is considered FailRP.
  21. Sitting on cars in a unrealistic way using Alt+E is forbidden while the car is in motion (FailRP).
  22. During a "Fire Fight", you are able to terror and engage using the ROE.
  23. During "Peace", ISF is not allowed to raid/terror, BUT if a US solider is out of the U.S. base, ISF is free to engage.
  24. You cannot shoot into a base, the only exception is during terror and a raid.
  25. Al-Qaeda can kamikaze U.S personnel outside of the U.S base.
  26. Do not modify your vehicle using C menu.


  1. You may only be a Commissioned Officer in one faction.
  2. You must speak to an officer in your current branch if you wish to be discharged from your branch/division.
  3. You may only be in one division at a time per faction.

US Rules of Engagement:

  1. Do not open fire upon an unarmed individual(s).
  2. Only open fire if you are fired upon.
  3. If you are being followed within a hostile area you are able to warn them to back away (7-second-rule).
  4. If a vehicle rams into US, they may be deemed KOS.
  5. You must warn a helicopter to leave U.S. air space before shooting it down.
  6. After crashing a helicopter, you MUST wait 2 minutes before spawning another one.

ISF Rules of Engagement:

  1. You may freely engage a US soldier unless they are within the walls of their base.

ISF & US Base Rules:

  1. Do not shoot into opposing faction opposing factions base without calling a raid/terror.
  2. Recruits must stay in base, leaving base is without permission from a CO is classified as minging.
  3. Only CO’s are allowed in the upper area of kill house (unless granted permission).
  4. Only MP and CO’s can call Codes.
  5. All personnel must listen to US MPs or you may be detained and arrested.
  6. If you are caught approaching the walls to the left, right, and behind the base is KOS.
  7. Do not clog up the front of ISF/US base with vehicles, doing this may get your vehicle removed by a staff member.

U.S Base Codes:

         Code Green: Guns on safety.

         Code Yellow: Guns off safety.

         Code Red: Kill anyone that gets past the U.S gate.

FearRP Rules:

  1. Act as if you only have one life.
  2. If you are clearly outnumbered, you MUST comply.
  3. Suicide Bombers are exempt from FearRP, until cuffed by MP.
  4. If you are tazed or cuffed, do not run away or resist. You MUST comply!

Capture Points:

  1. Anyone seen on a capture point is automatically KOS.
  2. The ISF and the US are allowed to capture any capture point during a fire fight. 
  3. You may not capture a point during peace time.
  4. You do not need to advert in order to capture a point

Fire Fight and Peace Time:

  1. During Fire Fight, ISF and US are KOS.
  2. ISF may shoot into US base if they call terror.
  3. During peace time, all ROEs are active.
  4. ISF may terror during peace time.

Raiding/Terror Rules:

  1. You must do /advert Raid on US/ISF before raiding.
  2. A raid can only be called by Commissioned Officers (CO's).
  3. A debrief must take place before a raid.
  4. Raids can last up to 15 minutes and have a 15-minute cooldown.
  5. When raiding a faction, you only have one life.
  6. The defending team of a raid has unlimited lives.
  7. You can not raid the opposing faction while they have an ongoing occupation/tryout/DB.
  8. Do not shoot at a recruit nor their trainer.
  9. Trainers mid-training cannot partake in base defense.
  10. You must wait the terror cooldown ~ 10 mins.
  11. Terror cannot be assisted.
  12. Terror/raids cannot be done during US/ISF DB.
  13. You must start your terror right after adverting terror, you may not wait 30 seconds before you start shooting.
  14. ISF may enter US base during a terror.
  15. US may not terror.

Hostage Rules:

  1. Hostage rescues are allowed.
  2. You must follow raid rules if the hostage is in a base.
  3. The hostage must be identified in RP and not through meta-gaming.
  4. During a hostage situation, you may advert to discuss terms of release.

Citizen Rules:

  1. Only 3 keypads can be used.
  2. No one ways props.
  3. No raiding the US or ISF base(s).
  4. You may fight against terrors.
  5. No physgun or tool gun abusing.
  6. You may only spawn dupes for Homes and Decoration, if you use it for anything else, it is considered FailRP.

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