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PoliceRP Rules
Basic Information (Prelude to Section I)

When in need of a staff member, type @ (message) to have a staff member come to you, and help with your situation.

Staff/Player disrespect is found as a class 1 violation. Meaning it is a warnable/kickable offense. Just don't do it.

Be realistic, this is a Police "roleplay" server. Meaning you should roleplay, and act as you would in Real life. Don't go around bunny hopping to evade arrest or dodge a bullet, don't go around stealing cop cars whilst being pulled over. Because in reality, you wouldn't do these things.

Player reports on other players, for doing any type of class offense, is to be reported on the forums (theodysseynetworks.com) and on the discord (#staff-reports), all reports will be looked at by a moderator+. Please do not ask staff members to view any type of thread you may have posted on the forums, it gets annoying, and frankly won't help your application, ban appeal, or "cool" thread get some replies.

Loopholing any of our rules listed in this MOTD (guidelines) is a Class 3 offense. Which will result in a punishment viable in said class punishments.

Please Remember the server is designed for a MATURE player base. We accept all people, but we ask that you follow our rules, use common sense, and don't do anything you wouldn't do in real life.   

                                                                                                                  Table Of Contents    

                                                                               Section I (General Guidelines)                                                                                   

                                                                                   Section II (Roleplay Rules)                                                                                      
Section III (Other Rules)

 Section I (General Guidelines)
  •  Do not disrespect any other player of The Odyssey Networks. This applies to insults including racist, sexist, or any other comments relating to the user’s age, gender, or other things about them.  
  • Flaming/insulting of other players is prohibited, whether or not mutual or both parties accept it as just play.
  • Spamming is not tolerated. This can result in a warn, mute, kick, or other punishments if severity gets worse.
  • Provoking or Inspiring others to commit malicious activities is prohibited. If both sides are found guilty, this will result in a PERMANENT BAN or at worse a NETWORK BAN
  • Please be clean, we don't not tolerate racism in chat or in a bind, and swearing in chat or a bind
  • Posting warez (illegally obtained software/copyrighted material) is prohibited.
  • Posting a user’s personal information without their consent is prohibited. Punishments will follow if found guilty.
  • Selling in-game currency or items (for something in return such as; paypal, steam gift cards, games, etc.) from The Odyssey Networks servers is prohibited. This can result in a class 3 punishment
  • Do not randomly kill other players. This is random deathmatch (RDM).
  • Do not use props to kill other players (prop kill).
  • Do not prop spam.
  • Do not use props to assist with your movements, such as prop surfing or prop climbing.
  • Do not raid bases that have textscreens that say "building".
  • Do not make up false reports to get a law enforcement officer to respond and then kill them (do not cop bait).
  • Do not self supply as a gun dealer. This means if you are a gun dealer, do not buy weapons for yourself.
  • Police can and will fine you for having a class 2 gun. The only guns allowed out is a pistol
  • Use common sense.
  • DDOS threats are not prohibited. This will result in a PERMANENT BAN or a NETWORK BAN.
  • Do not abuse glitches/exploits. If you find one, report it to a staff member immediately. Abusing glitches/exploits will result in a ban.
  • Do not use hacking programs such as aimbot, ESP, bhop scripts, or other cheating clients. If you are caught, it will result in a class 3 punishment.
  • Respect all players and staff. This can result in a warning or in worst case a TEMPORARY/PERMANENT BAN.
  • Staff has final say. Do not argue with a staff members decision, if you have a problem with their decisions, contact a higher up on Discord or post a thread on the forums.
  • Follow the rules. Breakage of any rules can result in a warn or worst case, a TEMPORARY BAN.
  • Do not disrespect any other player of The Odyssey Networks. This applies to insults including racist, sexist, or any other comments relating to the user’s age, gender, or other things about them.  
  • Do not act in a power-hungry manner or be power-hungry. This means that you want more power and will attempt to get it at all costs.
  • Do not use chain/contradicting binds. This means to have 3 different kinds of bindings (Raid/Kidnap/PDRaid). This can create problematic outcomes, though you are only trying to only use 1 of those.
  • You must wait 10 minutes after raiding a base (25 minutes for PD raid/FBI raid). Besides that, you only need to wait 5 minutes for Murder, Kidnap, Hits, etc.
  • During murder, you can only kill a single individual.
  • During a PD Meeting do not interrupt it, you will be warned. (Being near the meeting as a non government class, while doing anything to interrupt it)
  • No major crimes during a PD Meeting, you will be warned/kicked if you do a major crime. This includes Bank Raid, Hostage Situation, PD Raid, ETC.
  • Do not chat or mic spam.
  • Do not server disrespect, keep it to yourself, or make suggestions on the forums/discord.
  • Do not spam admin chat.
  • Do not CDM (Killing people with your car) (CDM is running someone over on the sidewalk).
  • Do not job abuse in any way, shape, or form.
  • Do not advertise/promote other servers. This can result in a ban.
  • Do not MINGE (Trolling, Not following RP).
  • Do not FAILRP (Not following the RP regulations to whatever situation).
  • You can counter raids but not PD Raids or Bank Robbery.
  • If someone pulls you over, you cannot just kill the officer unless you are wanted, or already being chased by cops.
  • Do not RDA (Random Arrest).
  • Do not RDM/RDA/Minge in a admin sit.
  • Do not LTAP during a situation (Police Chase, Jail, Admin Sit, ETC). LTAP means "Leaving To Avoid Punishment".
  • Have intent to RP.
  • Do not Revenge RDM.
  • Using knowledge that is unrealistic in roleplay such as /ooc or seeing printers through a wall glitch
  • Do not use third-party programs to advance that may make gameplay unfair like voice changers, auto clickers, macros or other programs of the sort. These things can be problematic to the server.
  • Do not Mic Spam.
  • You can pull over for the Police, but you do not need to.
  • Do not spawn thrusters, effects, ragdolls, ETC unless you have been granted permission from a high staff member.
  • Do not call an admin a “Abuser,” report it on the forums or to a higher-up in the Discord.
  • FearRP applies to everyone apart from SWAT + Taliban.
  • You must always advert carjack when jacking a vehicle (Must be before you start carjacking). This applies for all custom jobs as well.
  • Follow the U.S LAWS.
  • Do not stand/walk/sit ETC on the PD roof because it’s FailRP.
  • Do not drive recklessly. This can result in a kick from the server.There is a fine line from RP driving to driving to be stupid
  • If you hit someone on the sidewalk with your car, it is CDM. If they’re on the road and you hit them, it’s not CDM.
  • Do not be a Minge
  • You can AFK if bitcoin mining, (no time limit).
  • You can be kicked for being AFK for more than 15 minutes if you are on a government job.
  • Pistols and Knives are allowed in the city
  • People are allowed in the parking lot and in the first set of doors in pd. They are KOS if out of the lobby.
  • Do not alter the text-screens in front of PD, FBI, or any GOV building / Property.
    Section II (Roleplay Rules)Prop Rules  

  • You may spawn a prop to use as cover, as long as its appropriate and done in a RP manner. (Meant for bases, not raids. Any prop placed in a PD Raid or FBI Raid will result in a warn)
  • Do not abuse your props (surfing/climbing/killing/blocking/Using One-way props/no-colliding) If shooting through one way prop it equals in a warn.
  • Skybases are not allowed.
  • Do not prop block tunnels/main roads/underground.
  • You are permitted to prop block within your own home, as long as there is a clear alternative entrance.
  • Do not alter which entrance is blocked.
  • Do not prop block tunnels/mazes.
  • No more than 1 turn and 1 crouch entrance.
  • Invisible/Dark/Hard to See entrances are not permitted
    Fear RP  

  • Fear RP is the concept that your character is afraid to die. For example, someone pulls a gun on you and tells you to drop your money. If this happens, you should drop your money and be on your way or run, not whip out a gun or crack some jokes.
    New Life Rules (NLR)  

  • Do not return to the spot of your death or affect roleplay around the region for 3 minutes NO MATTER WHAT. Being "called back" is not an excuse to break NLR
  • NLR is applied to any death (in which you respawn at spawn)
    Building Rules

  • Max Fading Doors: 3
  • You may not have lights
  • You cannot use a bind to open the doors instead of using the keypad (Fading Door Abuse)
  • You cannot shoot through one way props.
  • You cannot have a crouch base (this is when crouching is a way to enter your base)
  • You have to be able to see head and shoulders in a killbox, or when in combat with another. Otherwise, it will be classified as combat glitching
  • All no-collided props are considered FailRP
  • If you are using fading doors for windows you have to have them on a minimum of 5 seconds
  • Do not prop block an entrance unless there is other entrances.
  • No fake keypads allowed.
  • Keypads must be placed WITHIN sight of a person, and within reach. 
  • No building while in a raid.
  • No doubled up fading doors.
  • You must build within the map buildings, no custom buildings, etc
  • You cannot build in the bank
  • You can not have more than 5 one way props Per base.
    General Roleplay Rules

  • When doing a Jailbreak or PD raid you are not allowed to camp the quartermasters/armories.  And you must give officers 3-6 minutes to retrieve their items. You must not camp the doorways near the armories, or be around them. Doing so will result in a warn for FailRP.
  • Suicide/Jumping is FailRP/CopBaiting if you Do NOT have a valid Reason
  • Do not change your Job/Player Name/ to something inappropriate; This means no Racist/Terrorist names or terms. Staff have the right to ask you to change your name/job title if they deem it inappropriate. Failure to do can result in you being removed from the server (This also includes Chat)
  • Don't build during an Active RP Situation
  • You can NOT raid PD without a valid reason
  • No Taser rushing
  • Advertising Twitch/Youtube - This is strictly prohibited - However with SD+ permission, you may post

  • All Guns are illegal (except for pistols but they still can't be out in public)
  • You may never interrupt training.
  • Printers, weed, and meth are illegal, as well as carjacking and selling stolen goods to other players. Bit Mining is LEGAL unless the mayor says otherwise via a law.
  • Weed can be made legal with a law by the Mayor.
  • Cops can NOT accept Money or items for less jail time or to stop being prosecuted.
  • If you see a Player wanted for shooting a Government Official, you may KOS them.
  • State Command may arrest a repeat offender for 30+ minutes.

  1. 1. Police Department 
  1. - Listen to your superiors- To shoot someone you need to warn them three times, They are KOS if wanted for Shooting a Government Official, so you don’t have to warn them.- You must be a CPL+ to train police- During a Bank raid/hostage situation, you are to respond to the area code 3 and secure the roads to stop vehicles passing and wait for AST/CERT/S.W.A.T to arrive on a scene and give orders.- You are NOT to deal with Bank Raids or Hostage Situations unless S.W.A.T/CERT/AST is not on then you can. (The Highest ranking officer on Scene takes control).- If told by S.W.A.T/CERT/SRT to stand down they must comply.- Any Semi Truck that is in a pursuit can be declared lethal instantly. (Command does not need to approve)- Corrupt cops are NOT allowed, No matter what!

  • 2. S.W.A.T
  • - You may Patrol as S.W.A.T But can not perform traffic stops. You may only conduct traffic stops if you have seen the person with a weapon out.- You can call the pursuit to a stop and take over lead unit if the subject is declared Code Red or has Shot/Pulled a weapon at another Officer or Citizen- You can deal with Bank Raids and Hostage Situations.

  • 3. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • - FBI may do illegal things while undercover to gain criminals trust but may not murder, release from jail, or take drugs/Evidence.- FBI may not base with the same person within 15 minutes of catching/being caught in the act of basing undercover- You may promote at Assistant Director.- You MUST use the guns you get that you spawn with only State COMMAND can use any weapon, but you can use any weapon when you are undercover for the need of the investigation you are in.- FBI AST is the response for heavy and tactical federal crimes and situations

  • 4. Sheriff Department
  • - Performs mostly traffic stops and violations- You are to Protect the Police when transporting inmates and ensure the jail is secure and guarded- CERT is for raids if given permission can attend Bank Robberies

  • Promotions

  • Lieutenant can suggest someone to promoted and can only promote up to Corporal.
  • Captain Can promote to Master Sergeant.
  • Deputy Commissioner+ Can Accept and Deny Promotions app for Lt+

  • Hobos may not build in a building, or in the middle of the road.
  • Hobos may not purchase guns or printers.
  • Hobos may steal stuff that is laying out in the open.
  • You may not raid, etc.
  • They can not build on the street.
    Advert Rules

  • You DO NOT need to advert raids
  • You must /advert JailBreak or PD raid.
  • When Raiding Bank, you (the bank robbers) must be inside the Bank Vault Otherwise it is FailRP
  • You cannot close or lock the door of the vault when you are raiding it. The vault door must stay open.
  • You must /advert carjack.
  • You must /y Murder. 
  • Murder is only allowed in a secluded area!
  • You must wait 10 minutes between every raid you do.
  • This includes jailbreaks, Bank Raids, Mayor Assassinations, kidnapping, and hostage-taking, PD raids.
    Basic Police - Civilian Policies

  • When an officer pulls you over, you may attempt to drive away, however, if you are being chased for more than 5 minutes, you must automatically withdraw, pull over, and let the officer take charge of you. If you are in a chase, and you manage to evade an officer for more than 2 minutes, you may leave, and the officer drops his pursuit and forgets you (NLR).
  • When an officer is arresting you, he must read you your rights (the Miranda rights), if the arresting officer does not read you your rights, you must be immediately released from jail/custody
    General Drive-By Shootings are allowed.- But must be advertised and can only happen once every 15 minutes.- They must be done on either/by bloods or crips. (/advert Driveby!)- Bloods and Crips are always at war.- This does not mean every time you see each other that you are to shoot each other. You must have a valid RP reason. If you commit a crime, the rest of the gang in that area can be arrested for association!

Disclaimer - Gangs can be changed to Whitelist mode at any point if management feels it is being abused. 

Section III (Other Rules)

Class Punishments (network guidelines)

3rd offense for Class 1 Punishments will be a temp ban.
1st offense: Warn
2nd offense: Kick
3rd offense: 3-12 hour ban

Class I (Class 1) [Warn/kick]
- FearRP
- Player Disrespect
- Staff Disrespect

Class II (Class 2) [Temporary Ban]
- Mass RDM
- Mass CDM
- NITRP (no intent to roleplay)
- FailRP
- LifeRP (failure to follow realism)
- Advertising
- Racism

Class III (Class 3) [Permanent/Network Ban]
- DDoS Threats
- Chargebacks
- Hacking
- Crashing the server
- Dox-ing threats
- any other types of abuse or rules that is fit by a PS+.

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